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Effective ways to market your podcast

The surge in podcast usage internationally can largely be attributed to the marketing benefits it provides to businesses. In acknowledgement of the podcasts effectiveness, UK businesses are ensuring that they are taking full advantage of this valuable digital marketing tool.

Podcast Usage on the rise

Recent research by Edison shows that podcast usage and popularity has had a steady year on year rise since 2006 to the present day in the US, and with that trend mirrored globally, more and more businesses are using podcast to showcase their brand.

In an article written for Webpronews, Randall Rothenberg – President and CEO of IAB comments on the growing attraction of podcast for businesses looking to advertise their brand:

“This study underscores the power of the podcast as a vital digital platform for brand advertising. We saw marketers and media buyers come out in strong numbers for first IAB Podcast Upfront Showcase. Now, with research showing the medium’s reach and resonance, we anticipate an even bigger turnout for the event later this year.”

Elite podcast production and marketing firm, Effective Group, examines the most effective ways to market your podcast.

Make A YouTube Video

With a reported billion monthly users, YouTube is a quintessential platform to showcase your Podcast to a wider audience. YouTube also provides your existing following with a different channel to access your podcast.

When making a podcast for YouTube, always make sure that your web link is attached to the beginning of your description of the video. Podcast users are reported as preferring short shows, therefore presentations of between 5 to 15 minutes are recommended for the contentment of the listener. If you have a longer piece that you would like to Podcast, then it is advisable to cut it down into sections and cast them separately.


Competitions are an excellent way to engage prospective audiences. Promoting the contest is easily done through your organisation’s social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter or blog pages. It is recommended to only give a brief announcement of the competition on social media to entice the customer to the podcast, leaving the full details of the competition on the podcast itself. Of course, it may take time to build up a following so patience is required.

Guest Interviews

Guest interviews are another excellent way of enticing new audiences to your podcast. Having a guest appearance on your podcast is usually beneficial for both your business and the interviewee. On one hand It gives your podcast extra credibility and content to use, and on the other hand, it gives the interviewee extra exposure to promote themselves or a product or service they may be providing.

When selecting a guest to interview, always stay within your niche market – Viewers will expect to see a guest IT genius for a company that provides IT solutions, not a gardener offering expert advice on crop rotation.

When it comes to planning for an interview, always do your research well and fine-tune your interview technique. It is advised to start with interviewing friends and other people you know to gain experience and build up to more high profile guests in time.

Podcast Directories

To get the word out to as many people as possible it is imperative to list your podcast on as many Podcast directories as possible. Having your podcast title listed on a directory such as I-Tunes and other podcast directories will make it easy for potential listeners to find and the more directories your podcast is listed on, the wider the audience it will find.

Always use keywords in the title and description to make it search engine friendly. Other information you will require before submission include: The genre it attributes to, title and description of the show, your website URL, e-mail address, your podcast RSS feed URL, Cover-artwork, links to your social media websites.

Using Your blog and social media

Email is still the quickest and cheapest method to get the word out to your subscribers/followers so why not advertise your podcast through your subscribers monthly or weekly newsletter? All it takes is to add your podcast link to the email. Simple.

Most organisations have a blog page on their website with its own following so it makes sense to advertise first and foremost through this channel. You have already created an RSS feed so all you would need to do is create a new link for the podcast with an audio link.

Adding a link to your podcast from your social media pages like Twitter and Facebook is also an excellent way of engaging your following in a short time scale and also gives you the added benefit of being able to interact with your followers.

For expert advice on podcast marketing contact the experienced and professional team of podcasting experts at Effective FM.

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