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The digital age has enabled businesses to connect with much wider audiences at the click of a button. As such, digital content-marketing has become essential for firms to entice followers and potential new customers to their websites.  Today, most businesses will have a social media account of some description, so what else can companies do to stay ahead of the field?

As part of a digital-marketing strategy, having a social media account and a blog linked to the company website is essential for any modern day business. However, to gain an advantage in the content-marketing stakes, more and more SMEs are turning to podcasts to deliver their content.  

Podcasting creates a huge following  

In an article written for Virgin, it is reported that since 2015 the popularity of podcasts has risen dramatically. This rise is down to good quality podcasts and developments in technology, making it easier for listeners to access great podcasts on the go.

With this in mind, it is easy to see why many SMEs are turning to podcasting to deliver their digital-content. Indeed, can any business afford to ignore the potential of this market?

Deborah Shane is a highly-regarded podcast host and runs Metropolis Radio. In an article written for Entrepreneur it is stated that her podcast has been downloaded 245,000 times in the last four years. Okay, so it is unlikely that every SME that broadcasts a podcast will gain these numbers, but it does illustrate the potential that podcasting has for SMEs.

Shane emphasises the positive effect podcasting has had on her business, she comments:

“Podcasting has opened up more doors than just about any platform I’ve used”. She further points out that: “Consumers enjoy podcasts because it gives them alternative and more convenient ways to consume content”.  

Ways in which Podcasting can benefit your SME

Give your business a ‘voice’:  The unique benefit of podcasting has over other digital-content streams is that your audience will be able to identify a voice with your brand name. While other companies are competing for audiences to their blogs and social media, you will have something different to offer and it will help you stand out from your competitors. This will also provide your audience with a more personal touch.

Offers your followers something different: Most companies concentrate on written forms of content-marketing. Adding podcasting to your digital marketing strategy will give you a crucial advantage and will help you stay ahead of your competitors. By providing unique content and a different channel with which to deliver it, you will find that potentially, you can engage with a greater audience that has previously not been tapped into before.

Engage your audience in different ways:  It is easy to keep content fresh and engaging through your podcast. You can review products and services or invite special guests onto the show. Most businesses that deliver their digital-content via a podcast find that interviewing special guests or inviting experts of a particular field onto the show, gives their business an air of prestige and shows the company’s professionalism to their audience. Podcasts are also a great way of attracting a following through holding quizzes and trivia with free giveaway prizes on offer to the winners.

Multiple channels to broadcast via:  The great thing about podcasting is that you are not just restricted to broadcasting through your website. Your podcast can be shared through your social media channels and also through podcast directories and services such as iTunes. Using these multiple channels will mean your podcast reaches a much wider audience.

Connect with your staff as well as your followers: As you can see, the ways in which podcasts can help your business reach a much larger audience are numerous. The potential for turning regular followers into customers if huge. However, podcasting can also help you engage with your staff. Many SMEs use their podcast service to announce team or company events. It is also a great way for providing staff recognition for excellent service.

To discover how podcasting can benefit your SME, contact the friendly and experienced team at Effective FM. Our expert team of podcaster marketers will show you how to make the most out of your podcast and other digital marketing streams.

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