Key digital marketing trends forecast for 2017

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Key digital marketing trends forecast for 2017

Digital marketing is accepted as being a key foundation on which company growth is built. There are many different facets in online marketing in which businesses can acquire new sales.  The good news is that the cost of designing and implementing an online marketing strategy is relatively low, and this provides businesses worldwide a cost-effective means to attract greater custom.

A report written for Ecommerce News states projected that sales for goods and services done online in 2016 was close to 510 billion euros. And with customers’ preference for shopping online set to continue, it is essential that businesses take advantage of the popular trends predicted for 2017.

In an article written for Forbes, Vice President of Marketing for SnapRetail, explains the importance of having an effective online digital strategy:

“Ten years ago, it may have been a choice to jump on the online bandwagon, but now it’s an absolute must to survive and thrive as a small business. With over 85% of searches for products and services happening online, it’s just a “duh” at this point,”

Predicted online trends for 2017

Live streaming: Live streaming became popular in 2015 with the influence of platforms such as Meerkat. Live video streaming can be used to benefit businesses in many ways and is predicted to gain momentum as a digital marketing trend in 2017. Many businesses use this tool to engage their viewers with live events or shows with content that is relevant to the products and services they provide.

People love live shows and it is largely accepted that live shows get the most views, likes and shares online.  One of the great benefits of live streaming is that it is just as cost effective to live stream as it is to pre-record a show.

Be mobile friendly: Todays’ busy lifestyle means that a considerable amount of online purchases are completed – on the go. Therefore, it is imperative that your websites app mobile friendly across all mobile devices.

Few customers, who are rushing between family and work engagements, will be willing to suffer a slow or ‘clunky’ connection to your website via their device, they are likely to simply disconnect and purchase their goods through your competitors’ website which is easier to use.

Snapchat: With a reported 8 billion video views per day, is this a market that your business can afford to ignore? Snapchat is rapidly increasing in popularity, and according to Bloomberg, Snapchat has 5 times as many viewers than it did, this time last year.

When you consider the popularity of Facebook, and its estimated 1 billion users per-day, it is interesting to learn that Snapchat is on a par when it comes to video views, with both companies boasting an estimated 8 billion views per-day.

In the article written on CIO, Carrot Creatives Kendall concurs that Snapchats rise to prominence is an exciting marketing proposition:

“If Snapchat’s audience continues to grow and evolve as it has during the past year, it will increasingly become a “must-include part of any marketer’s media mix. My personal prediction is that within three years, Snapchat ad buys will be assumed much like Facebook or YouTube.”

Buy buttons: There is a suggestion that in 2017, there will be a greater emphasis on buying directly from social media sites via ‘buy buttons’. This is far from a new concept and so far, they have seldom been used by consumers. However, the impact of social media on the human psyche must be respected, and there is a train of thought that the lack of usage via these channels are largely down to unawareness.

There is a school of thought among businesses that if this social media platform can be engaged, then there is a ready-made, cost effective avenue with which to drive sales. Yes, these buttons already exist and they have delivered limited success so far, but that is largely attributed to there being limited product availability via this option currently.

The fact that this facility has not been removed, shows that there is still potential for this tool. Once a more customer friendly process is established, 2017 could be the year it finally delivers.

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