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The rise of the female voice in podcasting

In the largely male dominated world of podcasting, women have historically taken a back seat. However, recent research shows that women are now beginning to make their presence known. So, what has led to this surge in female podcasters?

An article written for the Belfast Telegraph emphasises the increased trend for female podcasters. The article states that in the US, the last few years has seen an increase of female podcasters and a global increase of 63%. The article also states that Swedish-based podcasting platform – Acast, has seen an astonishing rise of 200% in the last year alone.

In the article, Acasts director of content- Adam Martin, states that the surge in female podcasters is due to the podcasting industry putting more emphasis on female hosts than ever before, he states:

“While female hosts have always been a presence in the podcasting sphere, they didn’t get picked up by major stations or networks, which chose to promote male fronted shows instead.”

So, why the sudden change of focus to female podcasting hosts? UK based podcasting experts – Effective-FM, examines the evidence to support why women can make the best podcasting hosts.

Better marketers

Marketing Consultant provides scientific insight into what makes women better marketers than their male counterparts. The study highlights some interesting findings:

Less egocentric:  Women are much less likely to talk about themselves in public than men. This suggests that women are more likely to be focused on representing the brand than on their own personal exploits. This is also poignant as this also implies that women are less likely to offer themselves as the person to take centre stage if they believe there is a better spokesperson to represent the company.

Brand positioning: Women’s brains are considered to be more perceptual than men’s. The male brain is more rules based and focused on analysis. The research concludes that the more intuitive female brain is better orientated to the complex task of brand positioning as it is likely to drive forward a meaningful strategy in a faster timescale.

A brain that works better for brands: According to Marketing Consultant, each brand has its own unique selling point, attributes and market sectors. The research claims that the female brain is better equipped to explore the complexities and specific details of a particular issue than the more ‘rules based’ male brain. It states:

“One of the biggest mistakes a marketer can make is to apply general rules to specific brands.”

Better for market research: The brain is divided into two hemispheres, the left hemisphere is used for analysis and logical thinking, the right is associated more with intuition. Research has found that men have a smaller link between the right and left sides of the brain than women do. The study accepts that both sides of the brain are necessary for superior market research. It claims that because men marketers are more likely to use one side of the brain more than another, this is likely to result in narrower market insight.

Greater empathy for the market: It is widely accepted that women are more empathetic than men and Marketing Consultant believes that this is crucial in any marketing strategy.  It concludes that this gives women an advantage when it comes to marketing as the female brain is likely to be more in-tune with the needs of the consumer.

So, some pretty substantial evidence from a scientific point of view. But what other reasons are there for companies choosing women hosts for their podcast?

Trust a woman!

Trust! Any business is unlikely to go very far unless it is able to gain the trust of their particular audience; whether that is for high-profile corporate business negotiations or a small boutique promoting their service to their local catchment area.

The same is true of podcasting. The voice used on the podcast is the voice that will be representing your business and presenting your service to your potential customers. Therefore, it is essential that considerable thought goes into the voice that is selected.

Highly respected voice over artist, Debbie Grattan, wrote an article highlighting that women’s voices are largely accepted as being softer, easy-going and less aggressive than men’s. The article covers an experiment conducted by psychologist – Phil Mcaleer of Glasgow University.

In the study, 320 people were asked to listen to 64 different voices saying the word “hello”.  The conclusion was that people found the female and higher-pitched male voices to be the most trustworthy, with the lower-pitched male voices the least.

For expert advice on how podcasting can benefit your business. Contact the expert and helpful team at Effective-FM and let them show you how effective podcasting can promote your company.

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