Reach out to your target audience through effective podcasting

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Reach out to your target audience through effective podcasting

The development of digital age marketing means that businesses can now reach out to their target market via diverse online streams. Blogging and Social media are of course a must – what successful business doesn’t have a Facebook or Twitter account in these modern times? However, the shrewdest of businesses today are embracing another alluring stream to engage their audiences – Podcasting.

It was not so long ago that podcasting was believed to be dying a slow death in popularity, the somewhat limited means of accessing podcasts was considered to be a major factor in this. Its resurgence is largely attributed to the global proliferation of the smartphone and the latest app technology that is used in the devices.

Podcast enthusiasts can now access their favourite shows, on-the-go, through popular apps such as Deezer, Overcast, Castro and Spotify.  And when you consider that research conducted by eMarketer, predicts that by 2018 there will be 2.56 billion smartphone users worldwide, is this a market that any business can afford to ignore?

Leading UK business podcast advisors – Effective Group – look at some of the ways in which you can reach out to your target audience through podcasting.

Top tips on how to find your target audience

Understanding your target market is essential to having a successful podcast that will promote the products or services your business provides. By understanding the traits and personality of your customers, you place your business in an excellent position for growth.  This can be achieved in different ways via your podcast:

Make your podcast easy to discover: Never judge a book by its cover – or so they say. However, it is advisable to pay good attention to the artwork of the cover of your podcast. Just like a culinary dish from a high-class restaurant, the first bite is with the eye. Making your podcast’s cover engaging will help sell your broadcast, as long as the quality of the broadcast meets the expectation of the cover, your podcast will gain a strong following.

Make sure your podcast is high on internet search engine rankings. You can optimise your ranking by using a strong keyword title and description.

Be relevant to your customer: You probably have a good idea of who your target audience is, but if you’re covering a diverse or vast topic in your podcast, you can potentially lose followers if they feel your content is not relevant to them. You can spend time making a quality podcast, but if your audience has no need for the service or advice you’re offering, they are unlikely to find any benefit in listening to your podcast and will seek advice elsewhere, which is likely to be your company’s competitors.

It is imperative that you do your market research to find what makes your audience tick. Consider applying these key points when doing your research: What is the demographic of your audience? Contemplate what their personality may be like, their emotional state, and lifestyle choices.

Find your niche: In accordance with other digital marketing streams, the internet is a very competitive place. Wikipedia suggests that there are in the region of 115,000 English language podcasts available. It is imperative that you connect with your target audience, therefore streamlining your podcast content will benefit your aspirations of developing a following.

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