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As marketers, it’s in our nature to look to plan ahead and try to predict new trends and changes in technology. Here we look at what podcasters need to consider in 2018 and how the podcast industry may change.



Voice activated technology like Google Home and Amazon Alexa is slowly becoming a normal feature of the modern home. Statistics show that owners of smart speakers are listening to more audio since buying the device. This is a great opportunity for podcasters to target people at home.


Apple has launched a new service via iTunes that will enable podcasters to see detailed consumption data analytics, giving a better insight on how their podcast has performed. It is expected that Spotify will react to Apple’s podcast dominance by enhancing their podcast offering, so podcasters need to keep an eye on both Apple and Spotify in 2018.


TV and Film

Producers are already looking to podcasts for stories that can be translated to the screen.  So if you’re dreaming about getting your story made into a film or TV series, script and book writing is no longer the only way to make that happen. ‘Startup’ by Gimlet Media is being turned into a TV series starring Zach Braff, ‘Lore’ has been picked up by Amazon and backed by the producers of ‘The Walking Dead’ and Fox 21 is adapting Serial into a show that follows the making of a podcast as it explores a case.


Mashable has reported that Marvel are branching out into the world of podcasting. Wolverine: The Long Night is a 10 episode podcast to be released in Spring 2018 via the podcast network Stitcher Premium. This is predicted to be the start of blockbuster franchises scripting new fiction to be made into podcasts.



Podcasts open up new opportunities for advertisers because there is often a level of trust between host and audience. This level of trust can make adverts appear like recommendations especially when they are specifically tailored to the listeners interests only. This kind of advertising opportunity will be utilized more and more as podcast popularity increases.


We hope you have found our 2018 podcast predictions useful. If you have any questions about our blog or our podcast promotion services, please get in touch.

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