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In this month’s round up we look at making sure your podcast is optimised for SEO.

Think SEO When Podcasting

The rise in popularity of podcasting and increasing listening figures means that podcasters need to do more to stand out in a market that is getting more crowded with competitors. One solution is to use search engine optimisation (SEO). Just like traditional SEO, podcast search optimisation relies on improving your podcast’s visibility in search engines; the only differences are the tactics used.

Search Channels

Podcast SEO is a broad category of strategies, in part because there are so many podcast directories to choose from. The most popular is iTunes, but it’s worth considering Stitcher, Player.fm, and others. Good SEO will also take into consideration how your podcast links appear in Google search and help to push it towards the top 3 search results. A website will further support your SEO efforts.

And don’t forget, Google are now starting to rank podcasts within search.

Be Visible

Most podcast directories have two main ways of enabling new podcast discovery: List rankings and search rankings. List rankings are generalised rankings that display attractive podcasts to prospective listeners; in iTunes, for example, this is the “New and Noteworthy” section. Search rankings, on the other hand, only appear when a user performs a search.

Search results are more heavily dependent on keyword relevance, and list results are more heavily dependent on authority and popularity scores. For newer podcasts or anyone wanting to increase the number of subscribers, SEO is a must.

Many optimisation strategies, including your subscribers, your total downloads, and your ratings and reviews, depend on attracting and building an audience. It’s a difficult relationship; ranking higher in podcast searches means you’ll gain more followers, but you need more followers to rank higher in podcast searches. Now more than ever it’s important to invest in SEO to increase the visibility of your podcast online.

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