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The Telegraph recently published its recommended top podcasts for science fans which had some interesting entries. The full list is below with a link to the article if you want to look into it further.

The interesting angle is to look at what made these podcasts popular, what did they cover, how were they used and what can we learn about them that may help our podcasts in the future.

Well, there were many that featured wildlife or astrological film and images. A few used animation to illustrate scientific quotes. Some showed extra footage not available through other means.

Some were ‘How to’ guides on specific subjects. The National History Museum chose to use the media of podcasts to provide information about exhibits as people browse the displays, so they were all approached differently. The main thing, to sum up, is that they all gave something to the customer. They all provided value, few were just opinion like you can get in blogs. They all focused on something specific, something that was useful to the audience they wanted to attract. The museum gave information, adding to your experience, the How to guides gave insight into how to carry out key tasks. Now this may seem obvious but often people can talk at the audience, rather than engage with them. Successful podcasts should allow you to engage with your customers. You need to find ways for your podcasts to be interactive. Speak to us for more ideas.

  • Hubblecast
  • Visual
  • DiveFilm HD
  • Sky Watch
  • Nature Podcast
  • Years of Living Dangerously
  • Physics Central
  • MinuteEarth
  • The Naked Scientists
  • Science Friday Video Podcast
  • James O’Brien’s Mystery Hour
  • Natural History Museum Treasures
  • Tweet of the Day
  • Stuff You Should Know

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