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All ambitious podcasters want to grow their podcast and often turn to podcast promotion tactics like social media in the hopes of gaining new subscribers. Facebook advertising is a great promotional tool, but have you thought about Google AdWords? There are a lot of business that use Google AdWords to reach new customers, but very few podcasters understand how they can use AdWords to grow their podcast. Here we highlight Google AdWords as a unique approach that could help your podcast to grow.


Google AdWords

There are many great methods for growing your podcast audience, and you may have conquered a few techniques that are bringing in new subscribers. But what if you have a great podcast, you provide wonderful content, and you just want to grow your audience faster than the traditional methods allow for? If this is the case, Google AdWords can help your podcast grow faster.

Search advertising on Google AdWords is a very effective form of marketing. On a well-run AdWords campaign, you only show your ads when someone searches for exactly what you offer. Another great aspect of search advertising with Google is that it is pay-per-click. You only have to pay when someone clicks on your ad to go to your website. With Google AdWords, you can run text search ads, display ads on other websites, and even YouTube video ads. All three forms of marketing can be effective ways to grow your podcast audience.

Search Advertising

AdWords search ads are a brilliant way to get found by people who would be interested in your podcast. Google’s Keyword Planner is used to find keywords relevant to your podcast which you can then target in your search campaign so your ad shows up at the top of the page.

Display Advertising

Display ads are the banner ads that you see while browsing your favourite websites (not all banner ads online are from Google AdWords, but many are).

Display ads differ to search ads because what someone types in Google will determine when your ad shows up whilst using search. But on the display network, you get to target a specific audience. When someone in that audience is browsing a website that runs AdWords ads then your display ads will be eligible to show. Most display campaigns are also run with pay per click bidding. So you only have to pay when someone clicks on your display ads.

With display ads, you can also target web pages that are about the topic of your show.  If someone is interested enough to be reading a web page about the same subject as your podcast, then they could potentially be a new listener for your show.

YouTube Advertising

Google owns YouTube and you can advertise with video ads on YouTube through Google AdWords. With YouTube ads, you run video ads and you bid on a cost per view basis. So in order to advertise with video ads on YouTube you need to have videos of your podcast. This could be a short commercial-like video that introduces your podcast. Many podcasts produce video segments of their episodes, and these segments would be great for YouTube advertising.

On YouTube you can target the same types of audiences you can on the display network, like videos about a topic, people who are interested in certain topics, and also your remarketing audience who have clicked on your website before.

YouTube is a great way to reach new listeners who are interested in your show topic and introduce them to your podcast.


Target People Who Are Already Interested

The beautiful thing about Google AdWords is that you can find very specific audiences that are potentially interested in specifically the topic that your podcast is about, and then you can reach that audience with search, display, and YouTube ads.

Google AdWords is very flexible and you can get started with a small budget. Experiment with AdWords, find out what works for your kind of podcast, and then increase your budget on what’s working, get more quality traffic to your podcast website, and grow your show. If you have any questions about how Google AdWords could benefit your podcast, please get in touch.

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