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Our March round up summarises key stories in the world of podcasting.

Podcast Advertising

Podcasting is on the rise, so it makes sense that podcast advertising is on the rise too. New research shows that media agencies are regularly buying podcast advertising. Almost three times more than a year ago (5% to 14%). This year promises further interest in the medium, with 62% of agencies saying they intend to purchase live-read podcast advertising within the next 12 months.


According to the data, 51% of agencies are using podcast advertising for increased brand awareness, 27% for increased engagement and 13% to support specific promotions. Nearly half of media agencies have advertised through podcasting for their clients in the past, however only 1% of agencies consider it a significant part of buying activity.


Increased engagement levels are one benefit of getting involved with podcasting. A study conducted last year concluded that 65% of all people that listened to a podcast went on to trial a product or service that they heard in the message.

Google Podcast App

According to a new report from Android Police, Google is getting better at helping users keep track of their favourite podcasts. Google first brought podcast support to Google Play Music in 2016, at which point users were able to search for and play podcasts straight away. Now, it appears that Google will be improving podcast support from the Google app, and bringing some of that functionality to Google Assistant — meaning you’ll be able to manage your podcasts using only your voice.

Google is rolling out improved podcast support to the Google app. Once live, there will be a new ‘subscribe’ button right below the name and icon of the podcast when searching for podcasts. Plus, users will also be able to tap on the ‘More episodes’ tab to see a list of the episodes.

We believe that after a little tweaking the Google podcast app could greatly benefit podcasters and podcast fans.

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