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You may have a brilliant podcast already, or have a great idea for a new podcast. Companies like A Small Furry Bear Productions produce amazing podcasts and help to structure your ideas into a great story. But when it comes to marketing, we can help. If you want to reach more people and increase the popularity of your podcast, or even begin promoting your podcast you need a podcast marketing plan.

Situation Analysis

Create an overview of your situation by writing a short description of your podcast, getting this down on paper will help you to understand how to promote it. Next, undertake a SWOT analysis by using the infographic below to help you. Remember, podcasting is on the rise which creates both an opportunity and a threat for podcasters. There is increased demand for high quality podcasts, but new entrants to market will increase competition and pose a threat.

SWOT Analysis podcast marketing plan

Target Audience

Make a simple bullet pointed list of your target audience’s key characteristics. Include age, gender, interests, hobbies, education or any other important characteristics. This will help you to specifically target your marketing to appeal to your target market.

Goals and Objectives

You only need 1 page or less to define your marketing goals, keep them simple, achievable and measurable. For example, you may want to increase listening figures by 10%. This is a great goal because it’s straightforward and sets a target to aim for.

Strategy & tactics

Strategy is a key element of your marketing plan because it determines how goals will be achieved. A strategy to increase listening figures might be to optimise your podcast to increase iTunes rankings. The strategy behind reaching this goal may be to bring in outside help or dedicate time to concentrate on your podcast ranking.

Your tactics section should include all the actionable steps you plan to take for advertising, public relations, social media and special promotions. You can use a paper calendar to schedule your tactics or a spreadsheet. What matters most is that you stick to your schedule and follow through. A plan on paper is only useful if it’s put into action.


Briefly breakdown all costs associated with your strategy and tactics. If you find that your budget is becoming too costly you can go back and make revisions until you reach your final budget.

We hope you have found our simple 5 steps useful and can implement them to create your own podcast marketing plan. If you have any questions about any aspect of podcast marketing, please get in touch.

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