What is Podcast Marketing?

Podcasting has become increasingly popular; the number of podcast subscribers has grown by 25% year on year and more than 75 million people listen to podcasts per month.

In the UK alone, over 4.7 million adults listen to podcasts and the average podcast fan listens for 6 hours per week. 42% of podcast subscribers listen during their commute and 66% listen on their smartphone.

Podcast marketing is about making sure that your podcast gets found online by the people you want to reach. Effective marketing helps you deliver your message at a time when your target audience is most receptive.

There is so much competition that unless you promote your podcast, you are unlikely to grow your audience. A handful of listeners may stumble across your podcast by chance, but if you want to reach the right people, then you need to market your content.

Getting your podcast found is about understanding your target audience, understanding the different platforms and using keywords effectively.

How can Effective.fm help?

Effective.fm specialises in podcast marketing. We use our extensive knowledge of SEO, Social Media, PPC and content marketing to get your podcast ranked on Google, iTunes and other leading platforms.

We conduct thorough keyword research using our unique keyword research tool. We then choose the most effective platforms and strategies to get your podcast in front of your target audience.

By utilising our proven expertise in this area, you increase your listenership. Once your following begins to grow you can monetize your podcast and generate significant returns.

Quite simply, we get your podcast heard by the right people.

Get started

If you have a podcast then we can help you build your subscriber list through targeted marketing activity. Contact our expert team today for a free no-obligation chat and get your message heard.


Share of UK population that listens to a podcast each month: 21%


Reach of podcasts in the United Kingdom (UK), by activity

10% of the adult UK population listen to podcasts
42% of podcast subscribers listen during their commute
66% listen on their smartphone

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