Marketing your Podcast through Email

Do your listeners know about your podcast? Are you letting people know when a new podcast is available? Are your listeners leaving reviews? Email marketing ensures the answer to these questions is ‘yes’.

Email marketing is extremely effective. You can track and monitor which emails get the best responses and which call to actions get the most clicks. This helps you understand which episodes are generating the most interest.

Use email to remind listeners when a new podcast is released so they can listen to it straight away. Once they’ve listened to your latest show ask them to leave reviews. The more reviews you get, the better your ranking on iTunes.

Why Work with Effective FM?

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Increase your Subscribers

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How we help

If you aren’t using email to market your podcast then you’re missing out. At we know exactly how to create clear, concise messages to generate interest in your content.

To keep your listeners engaged, we can send teaser clips and reminders whenever a new podcast is coming up for release. We’ll also make sure your emails link straight to iTunes so your podcast can be easily accessed when your listeners are on the go.

Our podcast experts will encourage your listeners to share your podcast and leave a review. Reviews are an excellent way to get more subscribers and increase your rankings on iTunes.

If you want your podcast to get heard then we can show you how. Contact us today to find out more about effective podcast marketing.

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