Google Ads

Google Ads

Marketing Your Podcast With Google Ads

Most people are familiar with the adverts that display at the top of search results but there are other effective ways to use Google Ads too. You can market your podcast through Google Ads using display ads and YouTube video ads to reach new listeners.

With display ads, you can advertise on web pages that cover the same topic as your podcast. This means you are directly targeting the exact audience you are trying to reach.

Turning a segment of your podcast into a video advert or creating a short introduction to your podcast can be a great way to use YouTube to gain more listeners and subscribers.

How We Help

Our sister company,, has been promoting websites on Google since 2000.  Their statistics show that they generate a 6 fold return on investment for clients.

Our expertise in this area allows us to reach the listeners you want. You’ll be able to see for yourself how effective our campaigns are through the increase in listeners and subscribers.

We know how to reach your target audience through Google Ads and get your podcast heard. Contact us today to find out more.

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