SEO Is More Important Than Ever

podcast search engine optimisation

Marketing Your Podcast With Search Engine Optimisation

Since the launch of Google Podcasts, SEO and audio SEO are more important than ever.

SEO has been around for 20 plus years and has always been associated with the promotion of websites.  Whilst this is still the case, SEO has now evolved.

A correctly optimised podcast has a far greater chance of ranking within Google search and being found via smart speakers.

How We Help

Our sister company,, has been promoting websites on Google since 2000 using SEO. Their statistics show that they generate a 6 fold return on investment for clients.

Utilising these skills, honed over 18 years, we are perfectly placed to SEO your podcast and get it found within Google.

As Google Podcasts evolves and grows, allowing podcasts to be found by a much wider audience, the implementation of SEO and audio SEO is crucial.