Optimising your Podcast for search engines

When a search engine crawls a web page it gathers information on what the web page is about from the text, image tags and metadata amongst other things. It can then use this information to determine where it should rank.

Unfortunately, a search engine can’t listen to your podcast to understand what it’s about. That’s why it is imperative that each podcast has textual content attached to it.  Content that describes what your podcast and episode is about. Optimised show notes are important too.  All these elements help to entice Google.

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Search engine optimisation is our specialism; we’ve been getting our clients found on Google for years. YouTube is a very powerful platform for podcasters to rank well on because so many podcasts are being consumed on this platform. We use our expertise to help you get your podcast found online and more importantly, get people to listen to it.

Keywords play a vital role in effective SEO. We understand keywords and how to use them for maximum results. We research the keywords that your target audience are searching for, report on the search volumes and demonstrate how to use these to increase your listenership.

Get your podcast heard. Contact our friendly team and let us show you how to reach the listeners you want.

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