Marketing your Podcast with Social Media

There’s no point having a podcast if you aren’t letting people know it’s there. Social media is an excellent way to share your content and build a following for your podcast.

Understanding which platforms your target audience use and how to reach them allows you to market your podcast more effectively. Engage with your followers and communicate to them why they should subscribe.

You can use social media to find influencers with large numbers of followers. If you can get them to promote or contribute to your podcast then you can get a share of their audience and increase your own following.

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How we help

The key to effective social media marketing is understanding who your target audience is, where to reach them and how to keep them engaged. Facebook is the top social media platform used to consume podcasts, so it’s important to manage your social media audience effectively. At we are experts in using social media for podcast marketing.

We review your social media profile to ensure you are sharing links to your podcast in the right places, at the right times and in the right way. We help you increase your followers by following like-minded people and sharing and commenting on engaging content.

Our podcast experts also understand how to use Facebook ads to target iOS users with a link that opens your podcast in iTunes. Most people use social media on their mobile and listen to podcasts on the go, so this is a very effective strategy.

If you want to reach your target audience on social media then can help. We find the listeners you want. Contact us today to find out more.

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