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Current research conducted by music streaming giant Spotify has revealed that more and more people in the UK are listening to podcasts. Their findings cited by Marketing Tech News suggest that 61% of UK adults now regularly listen to at least one podcast, with 21% listening once a week.  

UK Podcast listening figures

Over the last 3 years, podcast listeners have increased by 68%. Out of all the people surveyed 37% said they listened at home, 30% while commuting, 19% in the car and 12% at the gym. These figures indicate that whilst a lot of people are listening in what can often be described as wasted time, like driving to work, more people are now listening from home. This could indicate that audiences are planning their time around when their favourite podcast is on and tuning in more frequently.

Unsurprisingly, 50% of listeners said they tune in to podcasts to be entertained and 30% listen to swot up on their favourite subjects or to learn new things. The most popular podcast category is comedy/entertainment which is listened to by 49% of those surveyed. 25% listen to music-based podcasts and 18% listen to crime podcasts.

Spotify sees increased demand for podcasts

“Podcasts are rapidly increasing in popularity, both with our users and as a growing category as a whole,” comments Spotify’s Head of Podcasts, EMEA, James Cator.

“Our research not only shows that a significant number of people in the UK are listening to podcasts on a regular basis but that there’s been a substantial increase in the popularity of podcasts in the last three years. Spotify users have been asking us for more podcast content on the service.”

So what does this mean for Podcasters?

This is fantastic news for businesses who are using podcasts to promote their products and services. It means that the pool of potential listeners has expanded so podcasters can potentially reach a larger audience.  But as listening to podcasts becomes more popular, good quality podcasts will be in high demand, which in turn could increase competition.

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