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Many businesses are investing in podcasting as part of their content marketing strategy. Podcasting is a great marketing tool because it helps to generate leads, grab the attention of a captive audience and helps you to become the industry expert.

To get maximum impact it’s crucial to properly market your podcast too, or what’s the point of putting all the effort into making it in the first place? It would be like creating a direct mail campaign and posting the letters or flyers with no address labels. It’s so important to make sure your podcast is reaching the right people.

Here we explore the basic principles of podcast marketing:

Use keywords in your title

This will help those searching for podcasts come across yours. As much as you want to be creative with your title, sometimes it’s best to keep it to the point. Think about what you would type into a Google search if you were looking for a new podcast to listen to.

Include a great written description

Without giving away any spoilers, try including some juicy details that will draw in listeners. You don’t want people to pass up on listening to your podcast because you left out important information. Remember content is key!

Submit to every single directory possible

The more places your show can be heard, the better. You can search “list of podcatchers” and you’ll find a number of them. Some examples are: castbox.fm, tunein.com, and podchaser.com.

Be active on iTunes

It’s a good idea to release at least 3 episodes on launch day so there is plenty of content to draw people in. Make sure they fully optimised, with good titles and descriptions including keywords.

Optimise for the Google Podcasts app

To make the most of the new Google Podcasts app, ensure that you’re optimising show notes to increase your chances of showing up in a Google search. Pick a keyword for each episode to tell Google what each episode is about and make sure your audio SEO is in place.

Interact on social media

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. are all incredible tools for picking up listeners. It’s super easy to stay in touch with your listeners through social media. Be grateful for all of the followers/listeners that you have.

Make things fast and easy for others

Once you’ve joined some Facebook groups, ask the admin if you can introduce yourself and your show. If they allow it, put a link to your website or hosting site, as well as a link to iTunes. It’s important to make things as hassle free for your listeners as possible. Don’t make them search for you – give them a clickable link.

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